Pipe replacement and renewals

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FAQ's for Pipe Replacement

I have lead pipes, do I need to replace them?

If you do have lead pipes, this is not necessarily something to be concerned about – regular water quality checks are carried out on all water supplies to ensure that your drinking water is within government regulations. If you are still concerned, however, then the best solution is to replace your water supply pipe. If you would like a free quote for pipe replacement, please do phone 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email us on waterlink@southeastwater.co.uk

How do I know if I have lead pipes?

If your home was built after the 1970s then you shouldn’t have lead pipes. The government passed a law in 1970 making the installation of lead water pipes illegal. If your home is pre 1970, but has been modernised, then again your pipework has mostly been replaced with modern materials. If your home has not been modernised and it was built before 1970, then it is advisable to check your pipes.

How do I request a quote?

If you would like a Free Quote for a pipe replacement, please do phone 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email waterlink@southeastwater.co.uk , a Waterlink trained plumber will then attend your site to assess the situation and advise you of your options and provide the quote.

How will you replace my pipework?

The old pipework will be located and capped off, and a new pipeline will be laid. Waterlink strives to use no-dig technology wherever possible to ensure minimal disturbance to the levels above.

Will my garden have to be dug up to access the old pipes and lay the new?

Wherever possible, Waterlink staff aim to use no-dig technology. However, to cap off the old supply and undertake the connection of the new pipe, some digging will be necessary. Once the work has been completed, any areas that have been dug will be reinstated.

Will replacing my pipe improve my water flow?

Yes it can do....

Can I replace my current pipework with one that has a larger diameter?

Yes, this can even improve your flow.

What our customers say

I and my wife have just said good bye to your two water technicians Colin and Sam. I wanted to write to South East Water immediately to thank you for sending these excellent professionals to deal with our water problem. Both of them were incredibly efficient, very pleasant and treated our garden and property with exceptional sensitivity. I cannot recommend the work of this pair highly enough, and wish to thank them and South East Water for the wonderful way you have treated us. I do hope that you will pass on our deepest thanks to Colin and Sam. They are exemplary professionals, and in a world where so often utilities companies let down their customers both I and my wife feel blessed to have benefited from the work of two such honest and decent men.

Marcus & Hetal, Weald