Leak detection and repair

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Leak detection and repair

How will you detect a leak?

There are 2 methods we use to locate leaks if they are not visible.

We will either use our trusty listening stick, which has been proven to be very accurate, by listening down on the ground to hear the echoing of the water running underground. Or we will use above ground technology to trace the route of the supply, once located we will carry out ‘cutting and capping’ of the supply, this involves carrying out excavations and cutting in controls at certain points along the supply to help us narrow down the section of the pipe the leak is coming from.

Can I detect the leak myself and then hire Waterlink to carry out the repair?

If you are concerned you may have a leak, you can carry out simple checks on your water meter if you have one.

To learn how to carry out these checks, read our news article Test for a leak - A DIY. Whether you have an internal or external issue, Waterlink will be able to assist where possible with repairs.

How is a leak repair carried out?

Once the location of the leak is known the damaged part of the pipe will be cut out and replaced with a section of new polyethylene pipe.

Once the leak has been repaired we will carry out reinstatement of all disturbed surfaces. It is important to note that the full area will not be reinstated, any reinstatement we carry out is for safety purposes and may not be exact to as it was prior to the repair.

If the supply pipe is in poor condition we may recommend a replacement of the whole supply pipe which we will be able to quote for free of charge.

Why do I have to repair my leak instead of the water company?

Supply pipes are owned by the property owner, not the water company.

Therefore the responsibility for their maintenance lies with the property owner. If the leak is on apparatus owned by the water company, they will undertake the repair. Please see our page on Water Pipe Responsibility for more information.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, please contact us on 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email us on waterlink@southeastwater.co.uk

How much would a leak repair cost?

This will be dependent on the amount of time spent on site and if any non-standard parts are required to carry out the repair.

Please contact us using 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or waterlink@southeastwater.co.uk and we will be able to send you a quotation for a repair.

If you would like a quotation for a new supply pipe one of our surveyors will be able to call you and discuss, they may need to arrange a visit to your property to assess the works.

If you locate a leak, can you repair it as well?

Waterlink staff are all highly trained and are able to undertake the complete process from detection, to repair, to completion.

Where does my responsibility start?

Everyone’s supply pipe is unique to their property. Usually the responsibility starts from the water company’s main external stop tap up to the property.

Some supply pipes will be longer than others. If you are on a shared supply then the responsibility is jointly shared between the supplied properties.

Some supplies may run through neighbouring land. If you are unsure where your main external stop tap is located, contact your Water Supplier and they will be able to advise you of its location, or send a technician out to locate it for you and advise you of where your responsibility begins. For more information, please see our news page on Responsibility.

What if it is my water meter that is leaking, not the pipework?

If your water meter is leaking, please phone your water company, they will arrange the repairs. Water meters are owned by the water company, and are their responsibility.

South East Water are not my water company, can I still use Waterlink plumbers?

You can indeed. Waterlink, although a department of South East Water, are a commercial enterprise, and as such can undertake work anywhere in the South East of England.

Will the leak cause damage to my property?

The amount of damage caused by a leak will depend on the degree of the leak and its location. Waterlink aim to book in repairs as soon as possible, but are not liable for any damage caused in the interim.

What if I have a leak on a shared supply?

If you are on a shared supply, then the responsibility for the pipe will be the joint responsibility of all those who are supplied by it. You will need to agree to repair the leak amongst yourselves before any work can be carried out. Please see our pages on Responsibility for further information.

How do you know I have a leak if there are no visual signs?

If your meter reading is higher than usual when it is read by your water provider, they might send a technician out to check for a leak to ensure that the higher usage has not been caused by a leak.

Will my garden need to be dug up?

Wherever possible, Waterlink endeavour to use non-dig technology to ensure that the land is disturbed as little as possible. Sometimes, however, digging is unavoidable, and the area of the pipe that is leaking will need to be dug to get to the broken section of pipe.

Will you reinstate the land?

Waterlink will reinstate the land for safety purposes; however, the full area may not be exact to as it was prior to the repair.

If the leak is not on my pipework, but the water company's, do I have to arrange the repair?

If the leak is on the water company’s network, all you need to do is report the leak to them and they will deal with the repairs. If you have located a leak on the South East Water distribution network, please do phone 0333 000 3330 to report it.

Our customers say

I just wanted to say thank you to Dave who spent time with Howard and I regarding our water leak and discussing how to proceed with the necessary repair work. We were particularly worried about our garden and pathways all being dug up to replace the pipework but Dave managed these fears and sent in an amazingly efficient and professional team. Colin the grounds work man and the young man with him arrived and explained what they would be doing before they did anything and asked constantly if it was ok. They asked to move plants and replaced them afterwards, taking the care to water them. They put tarpaulins on the grass to protect it and were so considerate and polite. Scott the plumber arrived and he was lovely, taking great care and attention. All his work was well thought through and extremely tidy. I was imagining that it would take at least 2 days but the team were in and out within the day, working extra time to get it completed. We were really blown away by these guys and just wanted to let you know and please pass on our thanks to them all.

Alexandra & Howard, Rochester