Water supply variations

Water Pipe Responsibility

Water Pipe Responsibility

What if my pipe is in someone else’s land?

Your supply pipe may not only be within your own property boundary, it may run under your neighbour’s land too – this is still your responsibility, although you will need permission to access the pipework from your neighbour before you go digging up their new flowerbed!


If you look at the infographic below, House 6’s supply pipe runs through their neighbour’s property (House 5), but House 6 is still responsible for the whole length of pipe until it enters the public footpath.

Shared Supply – Shared Responsibility!

Modern houses should all have their own supply pipe; however, some older properties may be on a shared supply pipe. This would mean that there is one pipe attached to the Water Company mains, and this then splits off into multiple pipes that enter your properties. Properties on a shared supply are jointly responsible for the maintenance of the pipes. Shared supply pipes can be a nuisance for responsibility as, depending on where the issues is on the pipe, you will need to get all of the affected neighbours to agree to the repair work. (Please see the image below for examples.)

The infographic below shows a shared supply for Houses 1-4. As you can see, House 4 is responsible for the shortest amount of pipe, and House 1 is responsible for the longest stretch of pipe. The responsibility for each of the illustrated leaks is shown in the table.

Disputes over a shared supply pipe are a civil matter, and the water company cannot help in the resolution. However; if you would like to separate your supply from the shared pipework, you can do this without permission from your neighbours. Please note: the shared supply will continue to supply your neighbours and will remain in the same location, unless all of the properties connected to the shared supply each arrange to have their own supplies. 

If you are on shared pipework and would like a Free Quote for separating your supplies, please do phone 0333 000 0058 (option 1) (tel:03330000058) or email us on waterlink@southeastwater.co.uk