Separation of supply

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Why use Waterlink?


FAQ's for Separation of Supply

What is a separation of supply?

A separation of supply is the physical act of splitting a shared supply pipe into individual supply pipes.

Why might a separation of supply be required?

Supply pipes can be for individual properties, or may be shared between multiple properties. If properties share a supply pipe, then the responsibility of the pipe is also shared between the properties. If you are on a shared supply, but wish to have your own supply instead, then a separation of supply is required. For more information about Shared Supplies, please read our newspage about Pipe Responsibility.

Why choose Waterlink to undertake your work?

Waterlink are a commercial section of South East Water. As such, we can guarantee our customers that all members of staff working on their water supply network will be highly trained professionals who will undertake the work with level of efficiency and skill that one would expect of a Water utility employee. Waterlink has been active for over 10 years, and only employs the best plumbers and teams. We ensure that all of our members of staff are compliant with regulations, have received relevant training to keep them up-to-date and that all of their accreditation is current and valid.

South East Water are not my water company, can I still use Waterlink plumbers?

You can indeed. Waterlink, although a department of South East Water, are a commercial enterprise, and as such can undertake work anywhere in the South East of England.

How much will it cost to separate my supply?

The cost will depend on a few different factors, including how many supplies need separating, the length of pipe required, how many days work it will take etc. To get a Free Quote for your separation, please phone 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email us on, and a member of our team will be in contact. You will also require a new connection to the mains pipe with your supply separation, as you will be 'separating' from the current connection. You will need to contact your Water Supplier's Developer Services department to arrange this new connection. If you are a South East Water customer, please do phone 0333 000 0060 to speak to Developer Services. This will also be chargeable and should be factored in when calculating the cost of separation.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, please contact us on 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email us on

How is a separation of supply performed?

Separations can be undertaken in multiple ways, but the two most common are the following: The plumber might choose to cap off the unrequired supplies on an existing pipe, keeping the required ones still active, and lay a new supply for other individual supplies as requested. Or they might cap off the old supply and simply lay all new individual supplies. Regardless of which method is used, the separated supplies would each have their own individual water meters installed at the same time.

Will my garden need to be dug up?

Wherever possible, Waterlink endeavour to use non-dig technology to ensure that the land is disturbed as little as possible. Sometimes, however, digging is unavoidable, and the area of the pipe that is leaking will need to be dug to get to the broken section of pipe.

Will you reinstate the land?

Waterlink will reinstate the land for safety purposes; however, the full area may not be exact to as it was prior to the repair.