Introduction to Water Audit

CUSTOMERS could cut the cost of their water bills by calling in Waterlink to scrutinise every detail of their water consumption.

Water leaks on your water mains can go unnoticed for years, resulting in the high consumption being considered normal.

A water audit can identify productive use and needless waste. The result - leaks identified, less water used, less money spent!

Summary : What is a Water Audit?

A water audit can identify genuine use and needless waste. The result – leaks and wastage identified, less water used, less money spent!

A comprehensive water audit will uncover any costly inefficiencies in the water distribution system that results in money literally going to waste.

The water audit will usually start with a Desktop study which will look at bills, collate information relating to the bills including consumption, metering, waste water costs, tariffs. surface water charges, standing and fixed charges, arithmetic errors and more appropriate tarrif structure where applicable.

Following on from this will be a site survey reviewing the physical use and distribution of water. This activity includes flow and pressure monitoring, infrastructure verification, control valve status and operation.

Techniques for breaking down and checking large sites include step, transfer and drop tests, prior to undertaking top sounding and real time multi-point correlation.

Validation of the integrity and water regulation compliance of both internal and external fire and plumbing systems is also offered as part of the service.

Additionally we are also able to offer advice and guidance on legionella and the necessary risk assessments that commercial premises are legally required to undertake.

Additionally the site will be checked to reduce the possibility of water quality issues that may occur as result of ‘dead’ legs or redundant pipiework.

The result is a range of detailed reports and direct advice on how to improve effective water use.

This can result in leak repair, negotiation of tariff and meter changes. We have even provided recommendations for waste water recycling and private boreholes with water treatment plant.

It is also sometimes possible to recover monies inappropriately charged where it can be proved that leaking water has not returned to the sewer network.

The bottom line of a water audit is to save you money!

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