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Water Leak Detection and Repair

Undetected water leaks on pipework can cost you dearly. (see below)

The leak busters at Waterlink accurately pinpoint cracks in the hidden pipe network to within half a metre using the latest detection devices.

When water pipes are old and in poor condition leakage can cause problems such as flooding, loss of water pressure and costly waste from the distribution system. On private land responsibility for repairing the leak rests with the property owner, but specialist help and advice is at hand.


Technicians at Waterlink are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond efficiently to all types of emergency. When a leak is reported a two man leak team is dispatched to assess the problem and offer the solution.

Once on the scene the leak detectors use the latest leak noise correlator listening equipment to identify the exact source of the leak.

This enables the leak busters to dig in precisely the right area to target the leaky section of pipe, cut it out and replace it by a section of modern polyethylene pipe. If the entire pipe is in poor condition it can be totally replaced.

All Waterlink staff are appropriately trained to excavate the hole safely, make the repairs and refill the hole observing the correct methods.

  • Water efficiency
  • Flow/pressure monitoring
  • Water asset surveys
  • Water sampling/analysis
  • NRASWA - Road and Streetworks Act

Waterlink’s leak busters can manage the whole process of leak repair from detection, to repair, through to final reinstatement of the land.

The cost of a leak:

If this was a graph of your commercial water consumption over a typical month.

You either have an ongoing process requiring water continuously or a leak!

If its a leak, at over 20 cubic metres an hour, some of the £130,000 wasted each year on water, and an additional £115,000 on sewerage costs would be better spent getting it identified, located and fixed!

Identify a leak, fix it and save money!

Above based on 2009 - 10 figures
Average water cost = £1.00 per cubic metre
Average sewerage cost = £169.80 per cubic meter

(prices taken/averaged from Southern Water and South East Water)

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