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Waterlink - Social Responsibility

Waterlink is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objectives and is essential to our continued business success.

We take our responsibilities seriously and recognise the business contribution that behaving in an ethical manner has on our sustainable development goals. Essentially it is about how our business takes account of its economic, social and environmental responsibilities in the way we operate - maximising the benefits and minimising the downsides.

Specifically we see social responsibility as the voluntary actions that our business can take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both our own competitive interest and the interests of wider society. We commit to acting in an environmentally responsible manner in regard to our operations, products and services and we expect all our suppliers, employees and partners to act in the same manner. We aim to establish a consistent standard of practice, procedures and products amongst all our partners, stakeholders and suppliers.

When making decisions we take into account the impact on all stakeholders and the environment and we aim to balance the needs of all stakeholders.  Waterlink operates a transparency policy, offering public reporting of policies, targets and performance and we are constantly striving to improve our communication routes both internally and externally.  We look to engage and develop our employees and we place great emphasis on employee retention, with an increased focus on reward and recognition of our staff. We take into account the needs of our employees looking equally at those of the Chief Executive to the most junior employee.

Our company is driven by our core values which impact on our business practice:

  • Due regard to the interests of customers and their fair treatment
  • Conducting our business with integrity
  • Responsible control of all business
  • The health, safety and welfare of all employees
  • Creation of fair value for shareholders in a transparent and ethical manner
  • Clear policies on health, safety, labour and human rights